Protect Your Workers from Injuries on the Job With These Fall Prevention Measures

by | Sep 22, 2022

Fall injuries in construction are a severe problem in the industry. An employer must recognize how to minimize and prevent these fatal injuries. 

In this blog, you will learn about life-saving best practices with OSHA requirements that could potentially reduce the risk of severe injuries on site. These measures are critical to construction sites—a must-read for employers and construction workers alike. 

Fall Protection Measures to Reduce the Risk of Falling 

Every year, construction-related falls are the leading cause of injury and death. Reducing this risk is essential to maintaining a safe work environment. Some necessary measures include using guard rail systems that protect employees working on the edge, covering floor holes, and using safety net systems. 

Understanding and implementing the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) safety standards is essential. However, there are many injuries still in the industry. OSHA has made a significant impact in reducing fatalities since its creation in 1970. Implementing standards and best practices for employees can dramatically decrease fall-related accidents. 

Safety First! Prevent Accidents In Construction Sites 

Several fall protection methods can be used, including floor hole covers, net systems, and fall arrest systems. The most effective fall protection method will vary depending on the specific situation and hazard. Let’s look at some measures in more detail. 

First and foremost, employers must ensure that floor holes are covered. Hole covers are critical to prevent workers from accidentally falling through and sustaining injuries. OSHA requires covered floor holes with a solid surface or guardrail system. OSHA hole covers are essential components to prevent accidents on the job. 

Another fall protection measure that employers must take is to provide net systems. Net systems catch workers who fall from a height. These nets are made of durable solid materials, including nylon or polyester.

Lastly, employers must provide personal fall arrest systems for working at heights. Personal fall arrest systems are anchored to a solid surface and allow workers to attach themselves to the system. These fall arrest systems prevent them from falling and sustaining injuries.

Hole Solutions: A Manufacturing Company Providing Hole Covers 

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Keeping employees safe is a priority. For more information, click below.